Adobe Robohelp

Create and deliver exceptional Help, policy and procedure, and knowledgebase content with Adobe RoboHelp, now also on Mac. Author microcontent to fuel chatbots, featured snippets in search results, and more. Create media-rich experiences using HTML5 and CSS3. Make collaboration seamless using web-based review capabilities. Personalize customer experiences using Dynamic Content Filters. Publish content as Frameless Responsive HTML5, PDF, mobile app, and much more to serve customers across all touchpoints.

The latest release of Adobe RoboHelp is designed for:

  • Help authors, knowledgebase experts, Help developers for mobile applications, user assistance designers, and content strategists who produce Help systems, professional knowledgebases, technical support information, user guides, maintenance manuals, and Help content for mobile apps. They want a scalable authoring and publishing solution that enables them to single-source content and publish it to multiple channels, platforms, and devices across mobile, web, desktop, and print.
  • Policies and procedures specialists who produce documentation that helps government and corporate organizations achieve compliance with accounting, privacy, accessibility, and other regulatory statutes. They need a tool that enables them to write structured, searchable documents that can be easily accessed by anyone in an organization.
  • Instructional designers and eLearning professionals who create document-based learning materials for real and virtual classrooms and self-study programs. They are looking for an authoring and publishing tool that is comprehensive but easy to use and integrates with specialist tools like Adobe Captivate. They need to develop and maintain instructionally sound eLearning courses that integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMSs). They work in a collaborative environment with multiple review cycles and follow-up. Productivity is a major concern – they need to deliver more in less time, with fewer people, at a lower cost.
  • Technical subject matter experts and engineers who create comprehensive technical documentation, including test plans, designs, reports, and product specifications. They increasingly want to include 3D models and simulations in their documents and often seek solutions with these rich media capabilities.