David Blatner


I’ve been “doing” publishing and design for a long time—like, since the late 70s. And in all that time, of course I’ve seen the industry change…

Paul Trani


Teaching is a passion of mine and I love sharing what I know and inspiring others. I want people to love what they do as much as I do.

Theresa Jackson

Adobe Dimension

Theresa Jackson is an accomplished creator, educator, and speaker with over 20 years of experience leading and inspiring others.

Tony Harmer

Educator, Illustrator, Adobe CS Master

Instructor Tony Harmer covers the essentials of Illustrator 2021, including artboards, workspaces, layers, and shapes

Ashley Kennedy

Adobe Premiere Pro

In her current role, Ashley leads a talented team of staff instructors in the Creative and Business libraries.

Alan Demafiles

After Effects

Alan Demafiles is a freelance motion designer, 3D generalist, editor, and compositor.

Joe WIlliams

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Coding

Joe has over 25 years of experience using Adobe products, starting with Photoshop 2.0 up to the present.